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My name is Natalie and I am the owner, chief whip, creative manager and all round boss here at Red Robin Yarns. I can’t not mention Alan who is my biggest cheer leader, humper and dumper and general lackie but without him Red Robin Yarns wouldn’t exist.

We are a team and have been married for 23 years, best friends, bickering buddies, eaters of carbs, lovers of cheese, walkers of our 2 dogs and I can’t remember life before we became family. Oh, we also have 2 men children (22 and 21) that still are living at home that bring nothing to the yarn party!

My yarn journey started back in the early 80’s when my Gran taught me to knit, crochet and make GIANT pom-poms. My Gran was a force of nature, the best Gran in the world, role model and was an OG feminist.

I remember watching her knit at the speed of light with that calming click clacking of her needles, in awe of how she could knit a complexed pattern without looking whist having a conversation or watching TV. It was like sorcery! She was very much from the ‘make do and mend’ generation that lived through the war and would often unravel old sweaters and make them into something new, double dip tea bags, grew vegetables and was all round thrifty. I could write for days about how much I loved her and how much she taught me, I miss her terribly every day. I hope I am making her proud.

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